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Hot Chile - Hacienda Hotel Vira Vira - Five Star Kids Magazine

When it comes to family travel, it can often be hard to switch things up and find something different. Enter Hacienda Hotel Vira Vira in Pucón, Chile – a country which is one of the hottest destinations of the moment. You’ll find Vira Vira in lush parklands, on the banks of Liucura River, with views of the Villarrica volcano. The hacienda-hotel complex operates a 40-hectare farm which means plenty of fresh and healthy produce for you and your children.

In terms of child-friendly, family activities, Vira Vira has it covered:

Horseback riding: One of the estate’s most popular activities is horseback riding. Excursions through the Cordilleras and the National Park of Villarrica allow families to experience the Chilean landscape and take in the spectacular mountain views in a special way.

A day on t he farm: Vira Vira offers guests the chance to spend a day exploring the farm. Families can learn about harvesting corn and how the dairy works, meet their favourite animals, and even make their own cheese, yoghurt, jam and juices.

Chilean rodeo: A local rodeo guarantees plenty of fun for all ages. Families can marvel at the horsemanship of the Huasos (Chilean cowboys), as well as learn about one of the culture’s most fascinating pastimes. Kids are also encouraged to give it a go themselves.

Exploring nature: The grounds themselves are ripe with native flora and fauna, but staff are also able to organise bike tours, treks, birdwatching, treasure hunts and excursions to explore volcanic caves and thermal springs.

Cultural activities: Vira Vira’s staff members love presenting their guests with slices of Chile’s historical and cultural nuances. Creative activities such as art classes help visitors to both learn new skills and explore their artistic side.

Kids are also able to take advantage of Vira Vira’s four-day programme which includes river tours, treasure hunts, fishing and other child-friendly activities (minimum of four children per session).

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