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Welcome to Moh Collection Latin American

Moh Collection, founded by Michelle Mohaupt, brings to Australia the best adventure luxury hotels and cruises in Latin America. Hand-picked to form part of this exclusive group, each member delivers once-in-a-lifetime experiences to its discerning guests, priding itself on attention to detail and outstanding personalized service.
Each Moh Collection property embraces the destination that surrounds it and showcases it to travelers in its unique programs and offerings. From horse riding through moon-like desert landscapes to hiking through ancient ruins, from navigating through glaciers at the southern edge of the world to walking on isolated beaches amongst some of the world’s most unique flora and fauna, Moh Collection is proud to be representing some of the world’s best travel experiences!

Our services

Moh Collection provides sales and marketing representation services in the Australian market to exclusive, adventure luxury hotels and cruises in Latin America. We represent products that offer unique yet authentic experiences to their guests, showcasing the culture, history and wildlife of the destinations that surround them.

These hand-picked travel experiences form a small collection that represents some of the best that Latin America has to offer. Moh Collection is the face of its products in the Australian Market with the aim to position them as such, increasing market presence and ultimately driving sales.

Our services include the following:

  • Making personalized sales visits to outbound tour operators and high-end travel agencies throughout Australia.

  • Attending trade shows and industry events on behalf of our products.

  • Providing a feature page on Moh Collection Latin America corporate website.

  • Providing advice and input on the strategic direction of each client in the Australian market.

  • Working in conjunction with our clients to develop and implement annual marketing plans and sales strategies.

  • Assisting in building strategic alliances with other brands and products in the Australian market to maximize opportunities and benefits.

  • Organizing and implementing marketing and sales activities including marketing campaigns, travel and trade shows, promotional events, Fam tours and other initiatives.

  • Maintaining Australian database and ensuring constant communication with key contacts.

  • Implementing social media strategies.

For information about becoming part of Moh Collection Latin America or about our partners, please contact Michelle Mohaupt.

We would love to hear from you!

Michelle Mohaupt Moh Collection Latin America +61 421 421 730 |

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